Start Problems updating windows vista service pack 1

Problems updating windows vista service pack 1

Sometimes Windows patches or service packs simply will not install successfully.

To my surprise, SP1 wasn't ever made available on a few of them.

I believe this is because these particular machines have problematic devices for which new drivers have yet to be issued.

That update to Vista added several key new features including the ability to record data to Blu-ray discs, improved Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support, better desktop search, and better power efficiency.

If you are re-loading Vista onto an older machine using pre-Service Pack 2 discs you'll definitely want to download and install Vista SP2. If you said, "backup your personal files." You are absolutely correct.

Not surprisingly, it's very similar to the Windows Update install experience during the Vista SP1 beta, with one small but significant change: Because of several known problematic hardware device drivers, you may have to install some new drivers before you'll see SP1 on Windows Update.

I tested the Service Pack 1 Windows Update install experience on several different Vista-based PCs I have here.

There is nothing worse than dealing with a bad update that destroys your files due to a corrupted file, power or mechanical failure.