Start Problems with dating a tall woman

Problems with dating a tall woman

Because our seats will be so far back their knees will be at their chins.

Speaking on behalf of tall women everywhere, I would like to deliver this breaking news: We know we're tall. Hit on us about anything other than our height -- our brains, our beauty, out favorite books -- and leave the tall talk for Turk.

Standing head-and-shoulders above the rest doesn't always feel so, well, girly.

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We love our height, but we may be ambivalent about it, too.

Consequently, some of us suffer from Tall Girl Syndrome. When dating a tall woman, operate under this premise: She's fine with the fact that she's tall. Unless we hail from Amazonia, intimidating men is not our favorite past-time. Don't: ask me to hold my hand up to yours and exclaim over how big mine is, wonder out loud what size shoe I wear, request to breed a basketball team with me. I'd rather you open the door for me, send me flowers, or walk on the proper side of the sidewalk (the outside) than make me feel like a ...

There is a term called the sexual dimorphism ratio (SDR) which is defined as SDR = male height/female height.

A number greater than 1.0 indicates the male is taller than the female.

Most vertically-endowed women don't care how tall you are. Let her know who you are, and she may fall for you. In all likelihood, I won't end up marrying a midget, but, for the most part, height is no big deal when you're doing the horizontal mambo. What will your buddies think when you roll into the party with a woman who towers above you?

In terms of anatomy, the parts generally work themselves out.

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