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Website monitoring service, Down Detector, is also showing a large spike in complaints from people around the world who are experiencing major issues across the PSN network.

And Play Station fans have taken to Twitter to moan about the issues with many confirming PSN is down.

Being as irresponsible with money as he is, Chris went into overdrive with this feature of the PS3's online capabilities.

One Twitter user tweeted @Ask Play Station to say: "what is happening to the psn servers i can't make a party if get the chance to it lags me out"Another tweeted: "Well I'd like to be streaming right now...PSN wasn't down for me.

I humped it for eight sweating minutes, and I just gave you the song and dance [...] If I am NOT satisfied with FULL Return of my Accounts AFTER I WENT THROUGH ALL THAT MOTHERFUCKIN' TORMENT AND TORTURE, it will be ON your head and In your nightmares.

On 24 July 2009, a video of Chris humping his beloved PS3 was leaked onto 4-cent garbage's /v/.

You might ask yourself how he could spend that much and what he could spend it on.