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Although the concept of cougars is by no means a recent one, the actual term “cougar” has been in vogue only for the last several years.

In case you are wondering why anyone would like to date an older woman, read along and find out. Experience does not mean old age, it means the ability to function normally in different situations, without immature outbursts, drama and consequent disappointment.

Donna Mc Donald is an active dreamer and finds writing to be the best way to use her creativity. It had all the right balance of things that make a re-readable book. I agree with the authors perspective about sophisticated love/romances since I am no longer 30. Review by: T G on April 03, 2011 : Loved this book! Review by: Sondra Allan Carr on March 24, 2011 : Warning!

Needing to satisfy both sides of her brain, she is a cross-genre author of contemporary, fantasy, and paranormal romances. And the story of love, heartache, and forgiveness makes it all more appealing! I smile, laughed and "almost cried" and appreciated Ms. Alexa confident, self assured, smart, business minded and generous. Since I live in Maryland I knew the visualization of the settings were easy to relate to. The way the author pulled the reader into the developing relationship between the older woman and younger man was real and enchanting. If you start reading this book you will find it hard to put down.

Granted,the age gap bothers her more than him, but a normal relationship is totally out of the question anyway because Casey is related to her daughter’s boyfriend.