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Regina spektor dating jack dishel

Thank you everyone for making the first episode of : DRYVRS explode! I'm very lucky to have found an incredible producer for this record: Jonathan Bates, (formerly of Mellowdrone, currently of Big Black Delta)lent his massive talent to the record and I’m really excited with the result. This is a truly unique take on the classic tale that features entirely handmade papier maché sets, props and costumes.

Born in Moscow and raised from early childhood in New York, Dishel has been releasing records and playing in New York bands since the late 1990s.

We totally understand that Regina wants to keep pictures of her son private — but hopefully we'll at least know the name of "Lil Dude" soon!

Although Lil Dude is a pretty awesome name in general.

We go on a wild ride where anything can happen, and does...including an appearance by living rock legend Tom Petty! Records in LA last year and cooked up ten brand new songs - you can check out the first single, "See The Idiot" here.