Start Roku instant queue not updating

Roku instant queue not updating

Earlier Roku models will continue to access Hulu Plus shows and movies via the existing Hulu Plus channel.

If you'd like to try the channel out before buying, try the "lite" version here: https://com/add/Netflix IWBLite Bored with traditional time telling techniques?

Try something more clever with the Clever Clocks Screensaver!

In My List, Netflix tries to determine which saved titles it thinks you'll enjoy watching most, then automatically orders your list.

You can add or delete any item from your Netflix queue using the i Phone's touch-based technology.

Method 2: If you've never had an Instant Queue, but would still like to manually order your list of saved titles, go to Your Account, then click on "Order in My List." Choose "Manual Ordering," then click the Save button.

Below is a list of many of the channels, both public and private, that I've developed for the Roku Streaming Player.

My List is available on the Netflix website and all Netflix ready devices.