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), is a major character and the main antagonist of Nintendo's Mario franchise.

So, in response, these organisations set out with a mission to address these concerns and the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group was born. It has various pronunciations: what-wee-gee, what-wig, what-double-you-gee.

The WHATWG's main focus is Web standards, specifically: ..a number of other specs.

Only using software from the Debian repositories is also much safer than installing from random websites which could bundle malware and other security risks.

Debian Stable should not be combined with other releases.

Characters are otherwise allowed to know everything about ingame mechanics or antagonists, as well as keep persistent friendships or relationships with other characters when not for the purpose of unfair advantage by teaming up together for little IC reason.

Short of metagaming/comms, bug/exploit abuse, erotic/creepy stuff, OOC in IC or IC in OOC, and spawn-camping arrivals.

Debian is a robust and reliable system, but it's still very easy for new users to break their systems by not doing things the Debian way. Some of the things listed here can be done safely, but only if you have enough experience to know how to fix your system when things go wrong.