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Secretfriends sandy show cam

Alan Bates, who previously starred in Potter's excellent adaptation of Thomas Hardy's Mayor of Casterbridge, is our lead here, an artist who's having some sort of severe identity crisis in a dining car, sitting across from two very unhelpful fellow passengers.

A lot of Dennis Potter's work has been issued on DVD, especially if you're prepared to import from the UK (or just happen to live there, of course). And some of it is, but only on rare, long out of print, obscure releases, MODs and the odd foreign disc. What we have here is one of Potter's lesser known later works, Secret Friends, available on DVD from the Spanish company Cameo.

And it's quite possible their entire run is defective.

Double Dare is a television play by Dennis Potter, first broadcast on BBC1 on 6 April 1976 as part of the Play for Today series.

The play explores the link between author and viewer, one of Potter's major themes, and is referenced several times in his later work.

Born in Wolverhampton, England, Swift's musical experience began in the local school choir and church as a singer.

Throughout his childhood Swift was exposed to the acoustic guitar, which both of his brothers played in trio’s childhood home.

I remember first seeing the ads for Parents when first came out as a kid.

I didn't see it in theaters, but finally caught it on cable.

Back then, I was pretty disappointed, because I only knew Randy Quaid from movies like Vacation and was expecting this to be more of an overt comedy.

Sure, I could tell from the campaign that it had its dark, twisted side; but I was till imagining something like The 'Burbs or even Hysterical.

The advantage from Dave’s position was that he also played double bass and was already highly skilled in sight-reading.