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Sex chatch

Now that I’m a Mom and a wife, I feel so badly for my parents. “We’re playing Naked Statue.” Kids love to play dress up so maybe yours will believe you like to play dress down for this game.

You're not a victim for catching them, even if you might be traumatized momentarily.

What happened has nothing to do with you; everyone is embarrassed here.

This is not the time or the place to freeze up, so GTFO ASAP.

All parents are different, but yours are probably not some exhibitionist creeps who wanted to get caught.

In the vast majority of cases, gonorrhea treatment is successful.

The infection does not come back unless you are infected again.

Even if they’re old, or not together -- and it's not with each other -- they're still having it... If you've been as lucky as they have, you haven't caught them in the act, but that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear.

You may have accidentally walked in on them when you were growing up, but catching your parents as an adult?

Gonorrhea is almost always transmitted during sex and it is highly unlikely that you catch it without having sex.

However, you can catch it without penetration, for example if your genitals touch those of an infected partner.

We had made sure our door was closed and the kids were asleep before we got busy, but kids seem to just know when their mom and dad want to get it on, which is exactly when they want to come for a visit. Let’s just hope you’re in a position where cuddling doesn’t seem like it could only be believable if you’re in the Cirque Du Soleil.6.