Start Sharepoint site usage summary not updating

Sharepoint site usage summary not updating

The usage activity dashboard has also been updated with a new card that provides a high-level summary of the user file activity within all of an organization’s Share Point Online team sites to support a quick understanding of the total number of files across a Share Point site and how many of these files were edited, viewed, synced (using any client), shared internally or externally.

There is a Site Web Analytics reports link and the other.

Here’s a comparison of the two site actions menus: You may be on to the difference on these two sites already, but for me it took a little more digging to get through.

The number of total farm visitors is the set of all unique visitors on specific site collections.

List of Site Visitors – shows a list of all visitors on the selected site.

Content and Usage Reports provide a quick overview of your farm storage and content usage, features usage and activations and Share Point structure.

Content Overview – graphical overview of your farm metrics.

The new Share Point activity report provides details about how individuals are using Share Point Online team sites to store and collaborate on files, enabling visibility on which users are active on Share Point and engage with files stored within team sites and which users sync documents back to their local machine and if they share documents internally or externally.

In the future, Microsoft says it will update the report to reflect additional actions that users can perform in Share Point, such as page visits to complement the Share Point Online team site usage report that provides details per team site.

According to Microsoft, the three new reports will make it easier for organizations to understand how individuals are using or not using Office 365 so that issues and areas users need more training in can be identified.

The Office 365 team says it plans to add more reports focusing on Office 365 Groups, Yammer groups, clients used per product, such as email or Skype, and Office 365 licenses.

Feature Usage by Edition – shows the usage of feature licenses per Share Point edition (Foundation, Standard or Enterprise).