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Some ISIS members have even referenced Sanliurfa (Urfa) as a place for rest and relaxation when they chose to take a break from fighting in Syria and Iraq.

Last November, the German news outlets managed to film this illicit slave trade as it was secretly operating in Gaziantep, Turkey as well as make interviews with abducted women's families and the middlemen in Turkey who helped broker the release of some of these women.

Gaziantep is a Turkish city of two million people in southern Turkey near the border with Syria having as its neighbors the Turkish cities of Sanliurfa and Kilis--cities where many ISIS members are have been very active in support in recent years for their terrorist activities.

Ms Murad said on the first day of attacks on her village more than 4,000 men were killed, and over 6,000 women and children were enslaved — including her family."It's difficult to express my feeling and tell you how much we suffered … how they raped us, how they abused us physically, sexually and psychologically," she said.

She was in a camp for internally displaced Yazidis near Dohuk, Iraq.

The document also permits the harvesting and trafficking of human organs of "apostates" without defining apostate — though IS has killed or imprisoned non-Muslims, such as Christians, and Shiite Muslims, as well as Sunni Muslims who do not follow its extremist views."The apostate's life and organs don't have to be respected and may be taken with impunity," says Fatwa No. The document does not offer any proof that IS actually engages in organ harvesting or organ trafficking.

But it does provide religious sanction for doing so under the group's harsh interpretation of Islam.

A sex-trafficking case involving two teen girls and three suburban women is unfolding in federal court where a 67-year-old parolee was charged Friday with holding the females against their will, drugging them, selling them into prostitution — and beating them if they didn't perform well.►Related: Feds: Man enslaved and sold women he called his wives►Related: The reality of human trafficking is complicated►Related: Man, woman sentenced in sex trafficking of 3 teen girls The victims include two teenage girls — one 15; the other 12 to 14 — who remain missing after one of the women helped them escape from a bathroom window, according to the criminal complaint.