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is offering you a Smoking Cessation Chat Room, smoking cessation forums, and a smoking cessation social network. The resources you need to quit smoking are your next.

There are plenty of sources out there to help you quit such as, medication, hypnosis, and of course the good old-fashioned cold turkey approach.

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This site is dedicated to helping you chat, real-time, with other smokers who are trying to quit, or have already quit.

Smokers often ask similar questions when they are thinking about quitting or after they have quit.

This forum presents the questions, and allows our many members to share their collective wisdom by giving their answers.

If you are not eligible for TRICARE® benefits or are not a Veteran enrolled in the VA health care system, check out the following services: *National Cancer Institute Live Chat: Receive information and advice about quitting smoking through real-time text messaging with a National Cancer Institute smoking cessation counselor.