Start Sophos password updating version7 x txt

Sophos password updating version7 x txt

-login Start installation on Windows 95/98/Me computers from login scripts.

Now Sophos would have you believe, on the basis of this (woefully outdated) document that you can use Sophos Update Manager for OS X (login required) to simply inject your Auto Update (and other) settings and get a neat, distributable metapackage. Or at least a half-truth in dire need of a shower and shave. Until you try to alter your Auto Update settings on the SEC and distribute them.

Sophos Labs have detected over 1,000 threats for Mac OS.

Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition runs in the background and scans files for threats whenever your Mac opens them.

Sophos anti-virus Features: Sophos requires a minimum of 256MB of RAM memory to run. If you didn't find another anti-virus program, do a search on your computer for the file "Sophos Anti-Virus competitor " If your computer finds this file, save a copy of it to your desktop.