Start South of nowhere girls guide to dating script

South of nowhere girls guide to dating script

Now Clay, Glen, Aiden, Sean and Madison are forced to spend some quality time together.

Soon after this Spencer, frustrated by Ashley's lack of interest in her big decision, storms off and leaves.

After apologizing for her actions Ashley coerces Spencer back to the beach and they begin to have a serious talk about Spencer's sexuality.

But they were recasting some of the characters on the show and making sure that everyone was right for the parts.

Back at campus, police suspect a weapon is floating around campus and put the school on lock-down.

Spencer and Ashley Ditch school and go to the beach, while at the beach Spencer starts to talk to Ashley about doubting her sexuality and for the first time questions if she might be bisexual or lesbian.

Before Spencer can come to a conclusion to her sexual identity, Ashley interrupts and goes to hang out with a couple of surfer boys who claim they're from Hawaii.

Spencer confides in Ashley that she's more interested in the women boys are with, than the boys themselves and says she wants to be normal.