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Some of my favs include Something for Kate, The Smiths, Joy Division, New Order, Interpol, Cat Power...

Okay, now that I've got the frosting on I'm going to put the 2 cakes together.

So I'm just going to set this cake on the top so that I've got a nice round ball.

On the flat side of one of the cakes, I'm going to spread some frosting.

Now, I'm making a basketball here so I've colored my frosting orange, but really you can use any color that you want depending on what kind of ball you're making.

Now, so that the ball sets flat on my work surface, I'm just going to cut a very thin layer off of the end just so that it sets flat.

Deep in America’s Heartland, Oklahoma City is an exciting mix of cowboy culture, Native American ancestry, and urban innovation.

My work provides me with many joys and challenges, and the freedom to explore and create.

Creativity is one of my great passions, and a sense of wonder and spirituality are also very important to me.

I'm gonna show you how to make a basketball today.

So I've got this really cool pans that are actually kind of bowl-shaped. There's a-- there's a recipe online to follow so you've got that all covered.

I prefer to learn about others than to talk about myself.