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In one study conducted by Princeton University, “The Silent Sex: Gender, Deliberations and Institutions” found that when women outnumber men in critical decision-making settings, they speak up more frequently and longer.

Is race and looks really playing such a big factor in this? My pics are taken with my Android phone in good lighting.

could recommend that would help me actually get dates more consistently with women.

In case you don't know, girls do like jerks because most jerks are also very attractive guys.

But if you act tough and confident, you have a better chance.

Of course, this is not just exclusive to the tech world.

Women experience manterruptions, or interruptions by men, at astounding rates in every industry and in everyday life.

The other thing the book says is when girls say they want someone more mature, they really mean someone more confident. For those who do not know what this is, it is doing something based on your own free will without any validation from anyone.