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Many people ask me about what I do online, but only a handful actually ask me how to setup an LLC or use Google Optimizer to increase conversion rates. Then maybe I could start other websites and make money from those too from advertising. We actually ended up talking for a couple more hours, mostly about how one can use a blog as a launching pad for a business. If you’re familiar with how I got to this point in life, you know that when I started my exam prep blog, I had no intention of making money from it whatsoever.

The worst case is she just says no, and you just continue gaming. Screening has been covered very well in multiple videos by all the instructors especially Brad and Julien. The other two were shit – DTF-O-Meter was really, really low, she wouldn’t kiss me in the club, would not allow me to isolate her from friends, not down for too much kino, AND logistics were bad too – she was at the club with her fucking STEP MOM and AUNT and ROOMATE. But I still got the lay, despite not going for the most intelligent pull necessarily (rules are made to be broken)….

The purpose of this site is to act as a FREE resource and launching pad to help you attract and date the kind of women online you deserve and desire.

For me, it’s about giving back as well as saying thank you to a community that has been so damn good to me.

We already write on a blog, so it’s not all that difficult for us to write an ebook too.