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I won enough IPSC revolver matches in a local club to win the year end overall revolver trophy. " Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 By Observor, Las Vegas, NV June 11, 2015 Purpose: Defense/Law Enforcement "I bought this pistol used from a mail order company.

Illustrative Cases: Below are just a few of the numerous clients we have been able to help on probation violations: A client who was on sex offender probation was arrested three separate times for new law violations.

Bloss, Jr, Topeka, KS June 16, 2015 Purpose: Defense/Law Enforcement "This was one of the finest revolvers I ever owned. I would be a millionaire now." Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 By Marshall, Houston, TX June 11, 2015 Purpose: Target Shooting "I had a friend who owned a Model 65 3" and I liked it.

Purchased one for my self then started working on it.

In federal court, probation violations on felonies usually result in maximum sentences of three to five years and potential reinstatement of probation after a jail sentence.