Start Tupperware dating ideas

Tupperware dating ideas

This is an excellent way for Tupperware dealers to date more parties at direct sales home parties.

If a player seems especially interested in the host’s work, then the host may invite that person out for an informal discussion.

In the nickel game -- a game from the early days of Tupperware parties -- an open Tupperware container is placed on the opposite end of the room.

While the odds vary by technique used, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine warns that even for women under age 38, the chances that any one frozen egg will result in a baby are 2-12 percent, and the odds diminish for older women.

Further, unlike Tupperware, egg freezing is a luxury service, with price tags running $15,000 or more (not including the price of later attempts to use the eggs via in vitro fertilization).

In the three-minutes game, the host sets a timer for three minutes.

Players sit in a circle and raise their hands to ask the host questions related to selling the Tupperware.

The host nods or point at a guest to acknowledge he can ask his question.