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Updating etc mail aliases

Where configuration tasks differ between the two addressing formats, the IPv4 configuration steps are in this chapter.

But I do know that it accepts email from my server (server A), because if I send an email to a specific address, such as John.

TCP/IP network administration evolves in two stages. Then, you configure the daemons, files, and services that implement the TCP/IP protocol.

By default the lookup key is mapped to lowercase to make the lookups case insensitive; as of Postfix 2.3 this case folding happens only with tables whose lookup keys are fixed-case strings such as btree:, dbm: or hash:.

The issue is that, even when my php script explicitly specifies a "From" address in the mail() function, when i tail the /var/spool/maillog file, I see that the email is being sent as "[email protected]" (where "servername" is the hostname of the box) Is there anything i can do to force Postfix to use the "From" address that's specified in the script, instead of defaulting to "nobody" ?

The input and output file for- mats are expected to be compatible with Sendmail version 8, and are expected to be suitable for the use as NIS alias maps.

If the result files do not exist they will be created with the same group and other read permissions as their source file.

You need the following configuration information: A system that obtains TCP/IP configuration information from local files operates in local files mode.