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Updating sansa fuze

We've always liked Sandisk's Sansa MP3 players, with their no-frills combination of a simple interface, low prices and great audio quality.

Turn off Napster HQ audio (click the gear icon, uncheck High Quality)7. Make sure Napster 6 has been opened in Administrator Mode (right click the Napster icon and choose “Run as administrator”) For Issues with MP3 Players1. Check that the MP3 player is in “MTP" mode in the player settings4. Format your MP3 player by choosing "Format" from inside the player settings. Uninstall Napster 6 from Add / Remove Programs and reinstall it.

Check for updates for Napster 6 by closing and reopening it. Sign out, completely close Napster 6, then re-open and sign back in4. Temporarily disable any internet security software (antivirus, firewalls, etc)6.

Run Napster, and it may need to restore downloads (shown on the left). You should then be able to select theplaylists or specific tracks that you want on the device.

First, try resetting your Sansa Fuze by holding the "Power" button in the Up position for at least 30 seconds to turn the Sansa Fuze player off.

Also, this article lays out how to restore the media player's factory settings, which can resolve most problems.

Various factors can cause the Sansa Fuze to freeze up.

Restore the Sansa Fuze to its factory settings by doing the following to try resolving the issue: Updating the Sansa Fuze firmware is something easy you can do that can resolve some problems just by doing it.