Start Updating steam resources

Updating steam resources

Starting today, contributors can generate and submit their own weapon finishes to the CS: GO Workshop.

Because this method has been available for so many years, it is thought to be a simple process, one that is well understood and controlled.

However, the efficacy of any sterilization process, including saturated steam, depends on a consistent system for 1) lowering and limiting bioburden before sterilization, 2) properly preparing items for sterilization, 3) selecting the appropriate sterilization parameters, and 4) establishing and implementing controls to maintain the sterility of sterilized items until they are used.

Some games will run fine with your current set up, others may require updated drivers to get the best performance, and a few may refuse to run without the driver updates.

Determine what graphics hardware you are using and follow the appropriate section below.

You’ll find guides and tools designed to get you from your concept to a submitted finished weapon. Make your voice heard and head over to the workshop.

Rate up the best finishes, and give contributors feedback on their work!

ASHRAE membership is open to any person associated with heating, ventilation, air conditioning or refrigeration.

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