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Using different domain names prevents this problem.

Roman infantry - Well-equipped with unique formationsthey have excellent ranged and melee defense, and when engaging with the enemy in combat, their powerful attack and maneuverability can get them out of trouble.

We will unlock more Roman Troops in the future version.

When you transfer your hosting service to Tiger Technologies, we normally handle the technical aspect of "updating the DNS nameservers" (doing so "points" the Web site and e-mail service for your domain name at our servers). However, we can only make that change after the domain name has been transferred to our company.

In some cases, you may want to update the DNS nameservers yourself: If so, you can update the DNS nameservers at the old domain name registration company (don't do this until after you have signed up with us, published your files to our Web servers, and set up any e-mail accounts you want to use).

Wei’s heavy infantry - the traditional main force of the Central Plains.

Wei’s Horse Archers – perfect light-horseman and scouts.

Let’s say updating each statistics takes 1 sec each.