Start Usps express tracking not updating 2016

Usps express tracking not updating 2016

I sent mine through priority on tuesday and I check the tracking and it says it has been delivered. -Out for Delivery, August 27, 2012, am, CHICAGO, IL 60604 -Sorting Complete, August 27, 2012, am, CHICAGO, IL 60604 -Arrival at Post Office, August 27, 2012, am, CHICAGO, IL 60604 -Depart USPS Sort Facility, August 27, 2012, CHICAGO, IL 60701 -Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility, August 26, 2012, pm, CHICAGO, IL 60701 After aug 28 it stopped updating Maybe you should call the last place it was? They don't have one day express to be delivered on Sunday. Do you think the people who posted USPS Priority thought that their shipments would be delayed for this long and have this many issues in terms of delivery/notifications???? From the tracking information shows that it arrive at the postal office of the destination but didn't go through with the delivery or postal worker didn't scan it before leaving it.

On the sixth day I patiently waited for a call I have YET to receive. Im worried my package might be delayed since i mailed it through the express address with priority. USCIS gave two addresses so either way of mailing should have been valid. Not so I could get lectured on what I shoul have done. Sending it through normal mail gets delayed significantly versus those who use express.

It wasn't until about pm when I was able to breath again after I got my two texts/emails from USCIS confirming the delivery on Aug 28, 3 days after indent it. So I guess if you send it priority give it a week before you start to worry __________________I sent mine on the 23th with priority flat rate envelope, I wish I bought delivery confirmation. If I don't get text/email notification by tomorrow Im going to be worried. This is all the info I've gotten: The delivery status for this item has not been updated as of August 28, 2012, am. Even if they get their on the same day, Express shipments get processes first before Priority shipments. That's so messy.8-O that never even crossed my mind!!!

HOWEVER, I was worried out of my mind all last week.

I sent it on the 25th and it was delivered on the 28th.

Mailboxes at a Gainesville apartment complex on Southwest 43rd Street.

Some residents have complained about delayed and mis-delivered mail, damaged packages, and inaccurate tracking information.

I called USPS on the fourth day (29th) and they CONFIRMED that my package had not been delivered yet and told me to call again on the fifth day if tracking didnt update.