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During the short visit Cathy examined the nestling and administered a medication to prevent Trichomoniasis, a pigeon-borne disease.

Learning activities are facilitated in a variety of methods, making use of current technology and resources for dietetics education and practice.

USU DI faculty maintain knowledge of current dietetics practice by staying involved in their areas of expertise via professional memberships in state and national organizations, continuing education, and active participation in dietetics education networking groups.

Domino's customers can already track the progress of their pizza orders with Domino's Tracker, but now some can watch them being made live via a webcam, too.

In a pilot program being launched today, Domino's has added a live video feed to Tracker, so that customers at a store in Salt Lake City, Utah, can watch pizzas being made from scratch.

At around pm on Saturday the nest was visited by Cathy M.

from The Raptor Trust and Mike G., longtime peregrine watcher & project volunteer.

Five webcams have been placed in the store's kitchen for the entire month of May, and when its customers order online, they will be prompted to go to The activity is all part of the brand's efforts to be more transparent about its quality, via its campaign through Crispin Porter & Bogusky.