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Validating flash

Note: Image Validation is not recommended for HTML text validation due to the variation in fonts among browsers.

Prepatch it so that both ROS and RVK areas are filled with 3.55 reference data.

If still bad statistics, it means dump is bad in perconsole regions, prone to permabrick!

The OWASP Flash Security Project is an open project for sharing knowledge in order to raise awareness of Flash application security.

We focus on the sensitivity of numerical results to simulation parameters.

00 00 00 00 AC 0F FF E0 00 00 00 00 AD DE EF BE (HEX) and saceru_eoldare (Text) RAW/PS3 readable - this is E3 default byteorder instead of 00 00 00 00 0F AC E0 FF 00 00 00 00 DE AD BE EF (HEX) and asecure_loader (Text) REV/Human readable - this is Progskeet default byteorder And find all instances in hexeditor When it says found in 0x10 and 0x10010 you substract them (0x10010 - 0x10 = 0x10000) So that means there is an error with setting 0x10000 (only one bit set!

) low because the programmer applies 0x10010 but the actual data on the address lines (received by the nor flash) is 0x10 Other semistatics: LSBw (not all unique, but can be used to check offsetting by bad addresslines) Same check, found at 0x420 and 0x10420 (0x10420-0x420 = 0x10000) address is 2 bytes.

If you do not have Hx D many other hex editors have a statistics option.