Start Vanessa white dating 2016

Vanessa white dating 2016

The couple decided to take a break after six years together but intend to remain good friends after the split, with Vanessa said to be focusing on her solo career."It was a difficult decision for them to make as they had been together for six years but they both felt it was the best thing to do," a source told Digital Spy.

Girls were running after him, and I was giving them death stares,” she shared, “Then I realized that’s not what that’s about.

It all took its toll on Vanessa, who excused herself from a dance rehearsal and was found by her bandmates, crying into the phone will chatting to her other half, who she's been dating since last summer.

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She's always in the studio working on new music and she's getting a great reaction to it."She's also been looking and feeling great so even though a break-up is never easy, she's in a great place."Earlier this month, Vanessa spoke about how her latest solo material for recently released second EP is a world away from The Saturdays' pure pop."Everything I'm doing now is so dark.