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Waiting game dating

Absence creates anticipation and a feeling of "If I don't see her now, I'll die." When he calls, "let your voice mail pick up now and then," says Sherry Argov, author of .

I spent the summer blacking out on bad Tinder dates and making too-frequent trips to Harlem to sleep with a married-“ish” guy.

And then suddenly, like a twist of the knife, I was forced to leave my apartment.

When you go on your first couple of dates it’s easy to get carried away if you really get along with the person and click.

Add chemistry and attraction to the equation and you’re done for.

Allow him to simmer, wondering what you're doing." Laura,* 21, won over her boyfriend using this trick.

"Andrew looks like Brad Pitt's little brother, and I knew he was used to women being at his beck and call," she says. But I'm all ears now.' He felt lucky to have caught up with me." How everybody wins: Men, says Argov, equate longing with love.

Early-stage TMI is a major turn-off for most males.