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Who is ben taylor dating

Modest he may be, but he can’t hide his genetic destiny.

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As Carly Simon is showing me around her house on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, she mentions, matter-of-factly, that it is haunted.

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People imagine that Ben Taylor must have had a pretty easy ride.

But a childhood of meeting and grooving along to such greats as Stevie Wonder (‘my Mozart’), not to mention guitar lessons from his father at 12, had a profound effect.

In 2003 he released his debut album with the Ben Taylor Band, Famous Among the Barns, on his own record label, Iris; and in 2005 his solo album, Another Run Around the Sun, became Radio 2’s album of the week.

"So all of a sudden, you get up on a stage and you don't have the necessary experience to justify all the interest in you.