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Who is faith evans dating

While the former couple maintained that they got married, neither party has produced a certificate of marriage and may fans of the show believe that they only had a symbolic marriage. Earlier this year, Joseline attacked Stevie for denying their marriage. I’ve been cheated on, I’ve been lied to and stood by him,” she said. With reports that Stevie J and Joseline are no longer on , perhaps Evans will appear on his reality TV show?

After a brief reconciliation at the reunion, the former couple have taken their beef to social media.

Hernandez has accused Stevie of being gay and a child molester, while the Hitman stated that Joseline is lying about her name, country of origin and age. Never have been and never will be.” During the reunion Joseline Hernandez admitted that she was hurt by Stevie J’s denial of their alleged marriage. You’re a married man, so what are you talking about. and I think he’s a great man, but he’s not great in relationships.” Many fans of the show think Faith Evans will be a good relationship for Stevie J.

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