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Who is imani showalter dating

On the very first episode, all the light-skinned women (i.e.

Well, I couldn’t believe it either at first, but things happen.

We know where she is now so maybe wrong thread but I tear up when I think about Draya leaving that little boy home alone for days. I still want to choke the fuck out of suzie and fly kick tami in her bitch ass throat! Im sorry, basketball wives is on right now and it just brought back memories! I remember Royce she didn't take no sh*t the group attacked her often but she held her own.

My son is 11 & I wouldn't do that now & certainly not when was 7 or 8. I still hope somebody karate kicks tamis ass in her stomach! Now fast forward to the rewind of past BBW seasons Shaunie is still talking negatively about Royce.

Kimsha was cool but she def wasn't here for the bs. Shaunie should go back to being behind the scenes and rarely there, bring back Brandi, Royce, Draya & Mehgan.