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Who is jon tenney dating 2016

Still, as any Greek tragedian can tell you, disaster is never more than a heartbeat (or casually pilfered pot stash) away, which is as much as you’ll pry from this reviewer’s lips about Big Sky’s unexpected second act.

So the producers and the cast of Major Crimes got the spotlight at the Covenant House of California’s annual gala, “A Night Honoring Our Stars.” Covenant House is a non-profit organization with the mission to help homeless and trafficked youth by providing shelter and sanctuary for those who have nowhere to go. As the former president and head of programming at TNT, Wright said he green-lit The Closer, “Because I wanted to work with people who were smart and creative, but also had heart and integrity.

Covenant House has locations in Hollywood and Oakland to provide support and skills needed to become successful adults. The gala was held at The Globe Theatre at Universal Studios Hollywood and the Major Crimes cast was out in force, including G. For me the show is a reflection of the people who made it.” Duff passionately spoke about the work at Covenant House, which believes that no young person deserves to be homeless or trafficked.

Democrats had envisioned that voters repulsed by Trump comments about women and Hispanics could provide potentially big Election Day gains in suburban and ethnically diverse areas.

Instead, the Democrats suffered a dispiriting day with just modest pickups, a maximum of nine, as the GOP swept to control of both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Neil Simon meets Euripides in Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros’s Big Sky, a Geffen Playhouse World Premiere that ends up far more than simply the one-liner-packed comedic romp its first act would lead you to expect.

The laughs do fly fast and furious as Act One introduces us to 40something couple Jack and Jen (Jon Tenney and Jennifer Westfeldt), their seventeen-year-old daughter Tessa (Emily Robinson), and the family’s longtime gay best friend/“uncle” Jonathan (Arnie Burton) as the foursome get treated to a swanky stay in an Aspen Ritz Carlton condo by the man Jack hopes soon to be calling boss.

Homeless youth have the right to food, shelter, safety, guidance, education – and most importantly, to have the opportunity to dream and be loved.