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Who is karan johar dating

He might have started his acting career with a hit film, Student Of The Year (2012), but it’s only now that Sidharth Malhotra has started truly enjoying the adulation.

In the past, I have got flak from women I’ve dated for opting to go to the gym over going out with them (laughs). But I had so much to prove, because maybe, I am from outside (the industry) and some people said, ‘Does he deserve this launch? (If my film) does more business, I get more eyeballs, so I have probably reached out to more people. I am training and gaining some weight for Karan Malhotra’s Warrior (2011) remake.

So as and when I am ready to announce something officially, I will. On Saturday, at the last minute, while I was inviting the cast and crew, I got a call from Salman sir and he congratulated me for the film. Every boy wants to play a fighter, and I get to play one.

In a candid chat, we get him to talk about dating, his latest success, his association with Salman Khan and competition with his contemporaries, among other things. For me, the priority is my work and the kind of projects I do.

Karan is tight lipped about the entire affair and sticks to the phrase no comment whenever questioned by the media. Well, let’s wait and watch as there is no official confirmation on the news.

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But it’s not like I don’t have my share of dating and going out and experimenting. It’s a reflection of the fact that people were so keen to see the film.