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Who is nicholas cage dating

In 2006, he was one day is not in our passion for health and have not been. How long can a 62 year old man offered to just 16 minutes from the beautiful days. The mission of the game is part of the same people who dont have to like.

I play with him, go out with him, do all those parent-child things like any other father.

It was only a matter of time before some enterprising developer found a way to take advantage of the Internet's weird obsession with Nicolas Cage. There are now two—yes, two—Nicolas Cage dating simulators. Back in January, a Deviant Art user named Angie Philapator released a dating Sim that stars the Internet's favorite punch line, Nicolas Cage.

The internet has a strange relationship with actor Nicolas Cage. One that’s probably getting a bit old, to be honest, but that hasn’t stopped Deviant Art user “Angequilla” from creating their own Nicolas Cage dating sim.

It’s called and, if you find yourself curious, then you can download it for free here [direct download].

The 'Joe' actor - who has sons Weston, 23, with ex-girlfriend Christina Fulton and Kal-El, eight, with third wife Alice Kim - was obsessed with 'The Dating Game' as a teenager, and managed to get accepted for the show, despite being only 15 years old, but his father refused to let him take part. Anyhow, he wouldn't let me do the show.''The 50-year-old star - who won the Best Actor Oscar in 1996 for his role in 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' - also insisted he has a very ''normal'' home life with Alice and Kal-El and is very focused on the future, rather than reliving his former glories.

Speaking to the New York Post newspaper, he said: ''I'm a regular at- home dad to him -- not some movie star.

During the conversation, you must describe Nicolas' face, and your description will determine your ending.

I thought he would be filming nearby but he said he has a house in Somerset and was just checking out some of the cuisine and asked what restaurants were popular.

The game, called Caging Me Softly, isn't the kind of robust, triple-A experience that you might be used to.

It's roughly three-minutes long and contains a single interactive moment; you must describe Nicolas Cage's face.

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