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Who is royce reed dating

Ones who can share the contents of their lives, perhaps. Maybe she's calling things "petty and immature" because the only claim to fame that she can speak of now is the show.

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READ MORE "Basketball Wives" star Royce Reed claims Dwight Howard took off with their son and won't tell her where he is ...

Royce Reed is talking back about her potential recasting on "Basketball Wives" due to her disconnect with b-ballers and her inability to speak publicly about baby daddy Dwight Howard and their son.

Reed, the least favorite "wife" -- she has little or nothing in common with her castmates and didn't know any of them before the show started taping -- has been losing her connection to the show, according to our interview with costar and executive producer Shaunie O' Neal.

with excessive tampons, and he's getting revenge by kicking her out on her ass ... The "Basketball Wives" star -- and Dwight Howard's baby mama -- just got slapped with eviction docs for her Orlando dance studio.

The landlord says she missed rent in April and wants her gone, pronto. saying she DID pay, even though the studio's become a real s**thole -- the plumbing backed up and flooded the joint. In the docs, Royce says the landlord tried to blame it on tampons, and wanted her to cough up the dough to fix it. There's no evidence the offending fem products are hers or her students.

While we’ve known about dude for sometime, Dezmon got his full shine on during this week’s episode of “Basketball Wives” where he and Royce went full tilt with the PDA and mushiness.