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Who is sasha roiz dating

Alice Evans) hits town and reconnects with Renard (Sasha Roiz). She's basically the female version of me," Roiz tells

Scottish actor Daniel Portman who has been single for a really long time seems to have met the one he’s been waiting for.

The 24 years old actor is rumored to be dating Scottish journalist Storm Huntley.

rimm (NBC) is finally back for the second half of season two, with more intrigue, action, and Blutbads than Portland has food carts.

Thank goodness for Nick Burkhardt, the handsome, green-eyed Grimm, who sees through the bad guys’ friendly façade, revealing horrifying monsters, demons and, new to Grimm, infanticidal ghosts.

Second day I was here I bought a bike that I can’t stop riding all over town. I love discovering new cities and having an opportunity to get away.” This was Roiz’s second year at SDCC as he and the rest of the are all veterans and are a very warm and engaging bunch, so they were great.

Comic Con is always a sensory overload, and we had a very full day.

"There are some conversations and some things that went on in that scene that will now be posted online," he promises. Sadly, it got cut because the episode was just too long, but it's definitely something that fans, if they demand it, can check out." (Tweet #Shirtless Rage to let NBC know you want to see it!

) Of course, nothing in the world of Grimm is as it seems, including the captain.

Fans have already learned two of Renard's major secrets: He's a bastard of one of the royal Seven Houses and is a half-human, half-witchlike-Hexenbiest hybrid.

Wesen politics rule his hidden life, and Mia is part of that world.

is the story of Nick Burckhardt (David Giuntoli), a Portland detective who learns that he is descended from a long line of “grimms,” or those with the power to see people’s true fairy-tale natures, and eventually comes to use this power to solve crimes and generally fight evil.