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And let’s not forget that in the flash forwards, three years from now Caroline and Alaric are engaged. So what does this mean for Steroline in the present? “I don’t want to say terrible things [are coming],” Wesley told us on set. I think there’s still a semblance and there’s still a thing that he has for her.

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“The episode I just directed, they have a date and it goes really sour,” Wesley says with a laugh. They definitely do.” “We are going to see Caroline and Stefan want to do the things they haven’t really done at this point, like go on a normal date, which doesn’t go as planned,” King told Nerdist on set.

“We are going to notice that that is a pattern with these two, that any sort of normalcy – beyond the supernatural forces – in their relationship, it’s just nonexistent at this point.” And the lack of “normalcy” will actually lead both Caroline and Stefan to question if they’re doing the right thing in fighting for their relationship.

As if that wasn’t enough drama for Steroline to overcome, now they have to deal with the fact that the Gemini coven magically transferred Jo’s (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) twins into Caroline before Jo was murdered.

If you’re keeping score, that means Caroline is now carrying Alaric’s (Matt Davis) babies. He said that he was not interested in her anymore but I don’t know.

De Knight, talked about what went into the decision to end the show, how Spartacus has changed this season, preparing for the inevitable historical ending, just how big of a threat Caesar will be, the possibility of a Caesar spin-off, what they hope to achieve with the final season, the epic battles, what the last day of shooting was like, and how the experience affect their lives. We had plenty of time to figure out where we were going to go. Then, we got to the war years and the more I researched, the more all of the things that happened in the war were incredibly interesting, incredibly expensive and somewhat repetitive. And then, it was one wave after another of Romans going after them and Romans getting defeated.

The only question was how many episodes we were going to do, and we went through a lot of different variations. Spartacus and his band of rebels didn’t exactly have a dramatic three act structure to what they were doing. They fought among themselves, they split apart, they came back together, they split apart, they went North, they went South, they went East, they went West, they went back North, they went back South. So, I really struggled with how to lay this out in an entertaining fashion, for two or three more seasons, without completely jettisoning history.

Hey, there was even a romantic arc between a human and a ghost (Anna and Jeremy, #neverforget). Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline (Candice would finally tell a normal relationship story, albeit between two vampires, of friends who started off as platonic and grew into something more.