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But what evidence do we have that this is a trend, rather than some isolated brilliance on the part of

A music video for the song directed by Terry Richardson was filmed in Coney Island in late August 2013.

It was made available on i Tunes with the release of the album on December 13, 2013 and was released online three days later.

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One of the biggest emerging technologies of 2016 was artificial intelligence (AI), with chatbots (or just ‘bots’) on the back of it.

We saw the release of Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, quickly followed by Google Home, and Microsoft released its Bot Framework.

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The next forty years saw many homes in urban America move to the new electric light.

The lighting hardware found in homes during this period was similar, yet far removed from the lights in your house today.

It appeared in New York theaters (sometimes only on the outside and lobby to attract customers).